Welcome to My First Post

Hello! My name is Nick. Today I am starting my own personal blog, and if you’re a fan of the NBA, you’ve hit the right place. Over time I will conduct my own thoughts around the NBA and a lot of what I will be covering and talking about will be the Portland Trail Blazers. I have become a very avid fan over the past few years with the team as they have come away from the “Jail Blazers” era and into an era that sees a very bright future.

Since this is late into the current 2010-11 season and it is the All-Star Break, I will start writing soon. I look to review every Blazers game and will hopefully get to them in time and give my own takes and thoughts on how the team is doing, who’s hot and who’s not, rumors and I’ll recap what’s going on around the NBA organization with trade talk, scores and other thoughts.

Look for my first real post starting early this week. The Blazers begin the rest of the season with a home game against Kobe Bryant and the reigning champions Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday, February 23. Look for a review after the game

Thanks for the support and enjoy!