Playoff Picture (as of February 20th)


Can the Trail Blazers reach the playoffs for the third consecutive year?

So we all know by now that the Western Conference  All-Stars defeated the Eastern All-Stars in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant won the MVP trophy scoring 37 points while LeBron James achieved a triple-double, the second player in NBA All-Star history behind Michael Jordan. Now that the break is over and we all resume back to business to games that actually matter, I’ve come up with my own predictions on who we should see in the playoffs (something like 27+ more games?). As we inch closer to April, I present my predictions of both Conferences:


  1. San Antonio Spurs*
  2. Los Angeles Lakers*
  3. Dallas Mavericks*
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder*
  5. Portland Trail Blazers*
  6. New Orleans Hornets*
  7. Denver Nuggets*
  8. Memphis Grizzles*
  9. Utah Jazz
  10. Houston Rockets
  11. Phoenix Suns
  12. Golden State Warriors
  13. Los Angeles Clippers
  14. Sacramento Kings
  15. Minnesota Timberwolves


  1. Boston Celtics*
  2. Miami Heat*
  3. Chicago Bulls*
  4. Orlando Magic*
  5. Atlanta Hawks*
  6. New York Knicks*
  7. Indiana Pacers*
  8. Philadelphia 76ers*
  9. Charlotte Bobcats
  10. Milwaukee Bucks
  11. Detroit Pistons
  12. New Jersey Nets
  13. Washington Wizards
  14. Toronto Raptors
  15. Cleveland Cavaliers

* top 8 seeds proceed to playoffs, seeds 1-4 secure home-court advantage

The Blazers would face Kevin Durant and the Thunder. Rather that then have to see San Antonio. Sorry Memphis.

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