‘Melo to the Knicks? How this affects the Trail Blazers

If Carmelo Anthony heads to New York, what does it mean to Portland?

Rumor out today (courtesy of 95.5 FM The Game, ESPN hasn’t picked up on it yet), that Denver Nuggets F Carmelo Anthony will be a New York Knick in 24 hours. Now I heard this around 2:30pm today and so far it hasn’t been denied or been confirmed. But, if indeed Melo is gone to the East, what does this mean to Portland?

A number of things: One is the Northwest Division has lost power. Jerry Sloan a few weeks ago suddenly retired from 23 seasons as the head coach of the Utah Jazz, and since then before the All-Star Break the Jazz went 0-3 under their new coach so Utah doesn’t become much of a threat anymore. Plus PG Deron Williams is a free agent and could book it from Salt Lake City. Most likely then not Anthony will not be in a Nuggets uniform in a day or two and Denver doesn’t become much of a threat as well, this leaves the Northwest Division up for grabs. Oklahoma City is the only other competitor we need to look at, and Minnesota? Please.

Denver and Utah could very likely slide deep in the hunt for the playoffs. I have Denver listed as a seven seed and Utah falls out to ninth.  More opportunity for Portland to gain momentum and surge a couple seeds to avoid the Spurs and the Lakers. Dallas and the Thunder I don’t mind, plus we have beaten the Spurs on our home court but a healthy rested Tim Duncan is scary, not for seven games.

And since the trade deadline is three days away, Melo’s move to NYC could affect what the Blazers look to trade with. New Jersey along with NY had talks with Anthony about him becoming a Net and setting him up with Brook Lopez. I don’t blame Anthony to go with NY, it’s Madison Square Garden and Jersey is, well Jersey. They were the worst team last year and I haven’t forgotten about the 0-18 start to the season for them. Because the Nets lucked out on the Anthony trade, rumors flying around Portland is we are in talks to give up PG Andre Miller for Devin Harris. Rudy Fernandez’s name as spun around too as well as G Anthony Morrow and G Travis Outlaw. Supposily Outlaw is having a real hard time with the Nets and they look to get rid of him. And with Rudy, he’s finally happy to be here after that summer of moping and complaining, the guy is actually enjoying being here. So what should Portland GM Rich Cho do?

I personally love Andre Miller. He’s not the Derrick Rose or the Chris Paul, but his basketball I.Q. is really amazing. Yet he turns something like 38 next month, and I have to agree that Miller (Camby as well) isn’t on the road to a championship down the road in a couple of years cause of the age factor. We need a younger point guard and center. I haven’t seen alot of Harris but when we have played against him he seems pretty good. He cuts to the basket, he’s quicker then Miller and shoots the three alittle better. His ball I.Q. is a bit shaky but he’s 27 going on 28 which is attractive. Anthony Morrow is the same way. He could fill in the spot left by Fernandez if we deal him away. He shoots the three better then Fernandez and he attacks the basket in ways Rudy can’t. Whenever I watch Rudy “attack” the basket it’s almost comical. Sometimes you cheer and sometimes you groan.

Whatever the Blazers do now until Thursday is up in the air. Miller is great but he won’t be with us long term. Camby as well even though I am a HUGE Camby fan. I look forward to see what Rich Cho has up his sleeve and until then, it’s all rumors.

photo courtesy of Stephen Dunn/Getty Images