Trail Blazers interview Jimmer Fredette

This morning on one of the many blogs found on the Trail Blazers website was posted that Portland has sat down with BYU star and current top 10 draft pick Jimmer Fredette for the upcoming 2011 NBA Draft. Here’s what was posted by caseyholdahl:

With so many premier players bypassing drills at predraft camp in recent years, the interviews have become an even more important part of this process for teams looking for an edge. And according to Fredette, the technological aspect of those sessions has been ramped up as well. When he met with the Trail Blazers, he was handed an iPad and asked to take a character test of sorts.

Could Jimmer Mania land in Portland?

‘[It asked] what personality traits do you have, and you click the ones that people think, and the ones that you think [of yourself],” Fredette said. “It’s just to see what you’re like off the floor. They ask about family, childhood, what you would do in certain situations, do you consider yourself a point guard or a 2-guard? “They just ask you questions to see what your confidence level is, and how you interview, they want to see what type of person you are, if you’re confident and if they think you can be a leader.’

The Trail Blazers are in need of shooting and a backup point guard. Jimmer would fill both of those needs, at least in theory. Fredette measured out at 6 foot in socks and 6-2 in shoes, so he’s not necessarily undersized to play point. According to Amick, Fredette also interviewed with the Bucks and Heat, and is scheduled for a June 2 workout with the Knicks.
I would approve of the Blazers somehow getting the pick that lands Fredette. The kid can score and has great athelicsim on the court, he’s mainly looking to score but the problem is Fredette is not quite a serious point guard and too small to be a backup shooting guard behind Wesley and Brandon. With Portland picking at number 21, I don’t believe Fredette would fall that low in the first round unless he doesn’t fare too well in the predraft workouts. I still see him hanging around the top 10, maybe top 15.
sources courtesy of caseyholdahl and photo courtesy of