Trail Blazers awarded 6th and 11th pick of the 2012 NBA Draft

As Wesley Matthews sat as the lucky charm for the Portland Trail Blazers in New York City, the Blazers left the NBA Draft Lottery in good hands as they secured the 6th and 11th picks for the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft. The 6th pick came courtesy from the Brooklyn Nets who got Gerald Wallace in exchange at the trade deadline and was a top-3 protected pick, meaning had Brooklyn gotten into the top three, the Nets would have gotten it and Portland would be forced to wait till next year. But as expected, the Blazers got what they were hoping for and look forward to moving on and doing some homework as to who would be the best available and rebuild the roster.

The New Orleans Hornets won the lottery and got the number one overall pick, followed by the Charlotte Bobcats at second and the Washington Wizards at third. The complete lottery order is as follows:

1. New Orleans Hornets
2. Charlotte Bobcats
3. Washington Wizards
4. Cleveland Cavaliers
5. Sacramento Kings
6. Portland Trail Blazers (from Brooklyn Nets)
7. Golden State Warriors
8. Toronto Raptors
9. Detroit Pistons
10. New Orleans Hornets (from Minnesota Timberwolves)
11. Portland Trail Blazers
12. Milwaukee Bucks
13. Phoenix Suns
14. Houston Rockets

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