NBA 2k13 to Arrive in October

One of my favorite video game series of all-time, NBA 2k is coming back later this year with another installment in NBA 2k13 by 2k Sports. I’m still halfway through my second season in 2k12 My Player Mode, and told myself that it would be the last time I would ever get it as it constantly updates the rosters. Let’s just say that once they announced that 2k13 would include an All-Star Weekend mode complete with the Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Shootout and Rookie Challenge, I was hooked.

Even though I’m still plugging in hours of 2k12 every single day, the game can get frustrating at times. The game glitches out constantly, players seem to skate across the court, rosters and schedules don’t add up, players faces look melted and weird. The biggest concern is the lack of realism with the defense against the AI, or with your own team as well as setting good picks or plays. Sometimes your teammates are downright stupid and when they’re wide open to shoot, they instead dribble it around and out-of-bounds. And players like Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard and Greg Oden opt for the power lay up instead of dunking it home. So I’m hopeful that these minor problems will be improved.

Yes I know, $60 is a lot of money to cash in another game that has the exact same features and probably won’t end up changing anything more than minor bug fixes. 2k12 included the Legends challenge where you played highlight games from the careers of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karl Malone and of course, Michael Jordan. If they included more teams like the 2001 Toronto Raptors, 2004 Detroit Pistons, 2000 Los Angeles Lakers as official downloads, I’d be set.

The best mode in 2k12 is My Player and I cannot get enough of it. Seeing myself three inches taller and 40 pounds heavier, clashing with Kobe Bryant or knocking a three in Kevin Durant’s face is so freaking cool. I won Rookie of the Year and the NBA Championship/Finals MVP with the New York Knicks, picked in the first round with the 17th pick as a shooting guard/point guard. Now well into my second year, I asked for a trade (who do you think?) to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for Gerald Wallace and Luke Babbitt. Averaging 31.2 points a game with 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals, I’m leading Portland to the number one seed in the Western Conference and leading candidate for MVP. I took my talents to Rip City and won’t stop till we won our second championship. Could another franchise player out of Oregon be in the works to continue the legacy?

Can you get the feeling that I can’t wait for October 2nd to arrive? NBA 2k13 will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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