A Quick Note

Hello! Anyone home!

Fans of the NBA know that the offseason is usually pretty quiet, but Boom Shakalaka has been abnormally quiet since July.

I apologize for not posting important topics such as the hiring of new head coach Terry Stotts, Summer League wrap ups, thoughts about Steve Nash and Dwight Howard moving to the Lakers. There’s a lot that was missed.

This summer has been very busy. My family had the fun job of moving from our home of 12 years in Beaverton across the country to Nashville, Tennessee. I went along for the remainder of the summer and moved back out to Eugene to continue school at the UO.

From there, I have been given the amazing oppritunity to be apart of the school’s independent “newspaper” Emerald Media Group. This new job plus the start of classes has taken a lot of time from posting here on Boom but I haven’t forgot about this blog. It’s really opened the doors for more ways to get my work online and I am thrilled about where I can go.

I want to let the readers know that I will try my absolute hardest to get postings up more once the official start of the season kicks off on Halloween night, at home against the Lakers. Also I am moving to submitting posts that are shorter and easier to read, I used to spend an hour writing a recap of over 1,000 words, and the recent lockout burned me out.

Please continue to support this blog and tell your friends who are Blazer fans or fans of the NBA. I want to thank you all for reading. Go Blazers!


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