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Highlights from Weekend One of the NBA Playoffs

The first week of the hectic 2012 NBA Playoffs are in the books and already there are plenty of story lines and drama that will likely ensure to become a very entertaining 40… Continue reading

Celtics embarrass Blazers in 104-86 win in Boston

Who watched this game? I sure didn’t and I’m glad I did. After I saw that Portland was down 27-17 after one quarter it was all downhill from there. And from checking the… Continue reading

Teams already putting interest in Howard, Paul, Rondo and Roy

The newly made CBA hasn’t officially been cleared yet and already teams around the league are getting themselves ready to woo free agents. Here are some very interesting links concerning some of the… Continue reading

Complete list of Draft day trades

Crazy night from the Draft, as the smoke clears, here’s the complete list of trades that were made during and are being processed: • Blazers receive: Raymond Felton (from Denver); rights to No. 57 overall… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and The Exciting: Awarding the best of the 2011 NBA Playoffs

As we’ve had some time to cool off from the craziness that was the 2011 NBA Playoffs, I wanted to sit and gather my thoughts on who performed the best, who fell short… Continue reading

Schmorgasboard of Trades!

These last couple of hours have been really busy, seems more busier then last year. And I can say that once the 24th passes I’ll be glad. Here are some more trade talks:… Continue reading